Paintings from the Henri Michaux´s writings about painting.

Dialogue between the text, lines and stains.

The subject image lacks any specific meaning, there is no focus.  It is a visual idea, an excuse to promote the painting itself as the main character of the artwork. 

My work is an exercise in pictorial simplification, clear and concise, which addresses the contribution of black to the dialogue and the diffusion of the shape on the raw surface of the canvas.  The edges of each piece form an infinite space where the shape recochets indefinitely, propelling unlimited symbolic expansion.  A structured visual line is provided by the degradation of the image.  Like a spinal column where the pieces support each other with a beginning and an end, where the preceding pieces are necessary for the following pieces, and the final pieces are necessary for the preceding ones.

My visual arts investigation emphasises a benchmark capable of transforming towards new channels of representation through the primitive and basic application of paint.

The work questions pictorial flexibility by means of graphic reflections on the play between ink and writing.  The pieces represent a commitment to painting, the drawn line, and the mark, comparing the gesture and process to that of writing, language and oriental visual arts cìphers.

- Alex Marco - Alex Marco - Ink and spray on canvas. 195x300cm. Alex Marco - Ink on canvas. 194x113cm.